This past October, actress Hilary Swank announced that she was going to take on a new role: motherhood. The Alaska Daily star revealed she was pregnant with twins! In celebration of Easter, the actress announced the birth of her little ones.

Hilary posted a picture of herself standing on a porch holding each of her children, one in each arm, and gazing at the setting sun. All were turned away from the camera to conceal the faces of the babies. “It wasn’t easy. But boy (and girl!) was it worth it. 👼🏼🤍👼🏼
Happy Easter! 🐣🐣 Posting from pure Heaven.” The 48-year-old did not share the names of her children yet nor when they made their arrival into the world.

When Hilary announced her pregnancy, she gushed about how excited she was to take on motherhood. On Good Morning America at the time, the Million Dollar Baby star shared, “This is something that I’ve been wanting for a long time and my next thing is I’m gonna be a mom. And not just of one, but of two. I can’t believe it. It’s so nice to be able to talk about it and share it.” She later shared on Live with Kelly and Ryan, “It’s such a blessing. It’s a total miracle. It’s unbelievable.”

Having twins seemed to be destined for Hilary and her husband Philip Schneider, a social venture entrepreneur, as both have twins that run in their families. The couple, who made their first public appearance as a couple in November 2016, tied the knot in August 2018 in the Redwoods in California.

Congratulations to Hilary and Philip on the arrival of their twins! We hope they are loving their new role as parents.

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