Actor Casey Cott, most notable for his role as Kevin Keller on the TV series Riverdale, is going to become a father. The actor and his wife, Nichola Basara, are expecting their first child. “We are so excited to be parents and to make this child’s life as amazing as humanly possible!”

Casey and Nichola will be welcoming their first child this coming September and they already know the sex. They are expecting a baby boy! The couple has already been talking about names. They shared with PEOPLE in an exclusive interview, “We have one picked, but we’d like to wait to share — you never know if when we see the little guy, we’ll have a change of heart.”

Nichola, a personal trainer, recalled the moment she learned the couple was expecting, sharing, “I woke up before Casey on a Saturday morning and snuck into the bathroom to take a Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test…it VERY quickly said ‘pregnant,’ and I was so excited. Only problem was that Casey was still fast asleep! I waited for him to wake up for two full hours. Finally, when he woke up, I immediately showed him the front of the test. He was half asleep, but proceeded to jump out of bed and run around our bedroom celebrating,” Basara says. “It was a life-changing moment, and one we will never forget.”

Casey and Nichola, who tied the knot in 2021, are growing their family within a fateful timeline as Riverdale’s final season will air this August. The Asking for It star called it “such a beautiful thing. As one major milestone in our lives — Riverdale, along with our time in Vancouver — comes to an end, this beautiful new chapter is about to begin.”

Congratulations to Casey and Nichola on their pregnancy! We wish them all the best as they prepare to welcome their baby boy into the world.

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