Aly Michalka of the singing duo Aly & AJ is pregnant! The actress and singer-songwriter has announced she and her husband Stephen Ringer, a cinematographer, are expecting their first baby together. “It’s been a really easy pregnancy, which I feel really lucky and blessed to have experienced,” the Easy A star shared in an interview with PEOPLE.

Aly learned she was pregnant in September before she and her sister and duo partner AJ Michalka played a show at The Greek Theater in Los Angeles. “Our little one has been on stage with me across three states already and has even done some international traveling!” Aly shared in a post on Instagram. Aly and Stephen are expecting their first baby in May but are not planning to find out their baby’s sex until they are born. “We’re waiting to find out the gender cuz I’ve always loved a good surprise.”

The iZombie star shared with PEOPLE why she felt compelled to take a pregnancy the morning before her performance last September. “In another world I could have waited to take a test another day, but for whatever reason I was like, ‘I’m past a week being late, and I should just take the test.’ And then it was just like, ‘Oh my gosh. We play this huge show tonight, and now I’m holding in this huge secret.'” While she told her husband, whom she married in 2015, the news immediately, she waited to tell her sister to avoid overshadowing their big performance. “I didn’t want it to take away from the special meaning of that night, and we already had so much on our minds that we were juggling,” she explained.

A few days after the show, Aly took AJ out for dinner to share her news. “I was like, ‘There was a special guest that was at the Greek that you didn’t know was there,’ and she was like, ‘Who?’ I was like, ‘There’s a baby,’ and I touched my stomach, and then she was like, ‘What?!’ She was just really excited and overjoyed. From there, we told the rest of the family.”

In her Instagram post, Aly reflected on the past few months of her pregnancy and how she’s preparing for her little one. “We’ve been busy getting the nursery ready, meeting with my birth team, eating more protein than usual, going to Pilates, getting good sleep, and drinking lots of water. Somehow we’ve been able to still spend days in the studio writing music which hopefully finds its way into baby’s soul. I’m so grateful for all the amazing women I’ve leaned on these past 6 months (you know who you are) it makes me hopeful about the goodness in the world.”

Congratulations to Aly and Stephen on the news of their first baby!

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