Michael and Emily Stagliano / @michaelstag
Michael and Emily Stagliano / @michaelstag

Michael Stagliano, known to many for his turn as a bachelor on Jillian Harris’ season of The Bachelorette and as a winner on Bachelor Pad, is going to be a dad!  Stagliano and his wife, Emily, announced that they are expecting their first child, a son, this fall.

The former breakdance instructor posted a sweet photo to Instagram with the caption: “So excited to share the good news. And it’s two fold. 1. Today is our two year anniversary and we are in LEEERV! 2. We are having a BABY BOY! Whaow! Something is in the water out there for the Bachelor Crew…”

Michael told People that he and Emily had found themselves with “baby fever” after his twin brother, Stephen, and his wife – former Bachelorette star Deanna Pappas – welcomed children Addison and Austin.  Michael explained, “Emily and I talked about having kids early in our relationship, then when Steve and DeAnna had Addison, and now Austin, we were so excited to start our own Stag Clan!”

Emily told the magazine, “Michael wasn’t a big fan of holding babies. He was afraid of hurting them! [But] when Addison came along, and then Austin, he put away all the hesitancy that he had before.”  The TV writer agreed with his wife, “I don’t have that natural comfort level,” he said. “But as soon as there’s some interaction going on, I’m just hook, line, and sinker.”

The couple, who recently celebrated their second anniversary, will welcome their baby boy in November.  Of Michael, Emily said, “I know he will be present and ready to help and making that kid’s day every single day with his smile and his energy…I know that our son will be very well loved because Michael’s [his] dad.”