Former Big Brother star Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo have announced the arrival of their first child together! The couple teased this morning that they were going into the hospital for Nicole’s scheduled cesarean section. They wasted no time in sharing their news!

Victor shared a post onto Nicole’s Instagram page to reveal that their baby boy had arrived! “Hey everyone, this is @elfitvic! Nic wanted me to update you guys! First, thank you so much for all your prayers and support.” The couple previously shared the name they chose for their son last month. Their son’s legal name will be Victor Arroyo IV, but he will go by the name Arrow.

The reality star also shared Arrow’s birth details and gave an update on how he and his mama are doing. “Today was absolutely amazing & perfect. Arrow (Baby Vic) was born at 8:01am this morning weighing 6lbs 15oz and measuring 20 inches via cesarean. He and Nicole are both healthy and doing great. They are currently cuddling & he latched immediately!!”

Earlier this month, Nicole shared with her followers some of the other baby boy names they liked before finally choosing Arrow’s name. The list including Oliver, River, Finn, Jax, Zane, and Four. In the caption, Nicole asked her followers a question about baby-naming: “Has anyone named their baby & felt the need to change it after meeting their baby?! I’m worried this could happen! it’s such a big decision!”

Victor ended the announcement post by sharing how he and Nicole are enjoying (and embracing) all the newborn moments. “We are taking our skin to skin time super seriously and we haven’t put him down, we are fighting over him actually . Anyways when I was changing his first poopy diaper I caught this photo of them two. SO GRATEFUL & BLESSED. We are so so excited & can’t wait to share him with the world!”

Congratulations to Nicole and Victor on the arrival of Arrow! We wish them all the best as they enjoy their new role as parents.

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