Earlier this year, actress Constance Wu announced she was pregnant with her second baby with her partner Ryan Kattner, a musician. On a recent episode of the PRETTYSMART podcast, the Fresh Off The Boat star revealed she gave birth to her new baby.

While promoting her upcoming book “Making a Scene” on Danielle Robay’s podcast, Constance discussed dedicating the book to her 2-year-old daughter, whose name has not been shared. “This was before my son was born,” she explained, noting that she wrote the book before his birth. This was the first time the actress shared that she welcomed her son. “Breaking news, nobody knew I had a son,” she added.

Danielle commented on Constance’s news by adding, “That’s so exciting to have one of each.” The Crazy Rich Asians star replied, “We were so shocked. I knew from the blood test.” She explained her shock was because her “mom had four girls” and Constance thought she was “only going to have girls.” She did not share her son’s name nor when he was born.

When asked if she noticed a difference between having a girl versus a boy, the Hustlers star explained, “It feels unfair for me to say this is different because he’s a boy. I think a lot of the difference I’m experiencing are [that] he’s a different person. It’s not because of his sex.” As their second baby, Constance and her partner have “less anxiety around [having a baby].” Because of this preparedness, the actress found that “it feels like we have a different kid, but not because of the sex. It’s still early.”

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Congratulations to Constance and Ryan on the arrival of their baby boy! We wish them lots of love as a family of four.

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