In February, influencer Sophia Grace Brownlee welcomed her first child with her boyfriend, whose identity has not been revealed. With her child’s 2-month birthday coming up, Sophia has finally announced the name she chose for her firstborn.

Sophia, who rose to fame in 2011 following her appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show, welcomed a baby boy on February 26th after revealing in October that she was pregnant. The influencer shared a video to her YouTube channel to finally share her son’s name. She revealed that she had picked out the name before she even became pregnant. “I’ve always liked this name for a boy. It is a unisex name, it can be for a boy or a girl.”

Sophia explained that while she liked the name, she wanted to see her son before deciding if the moniker suited him. “Sometimes you can have a name and then you’re baby’s born and you’re like ‘you do not look like that name.'” She had a few other names picked out, but this particular one was the first choice for her and her boyfriend. It was one of the only names they both agreed on. The name the couple chose is River.

She opened up about why she picked that name. “I think it’s really unique. I really love nature-related things. I love nature. I love the trees, I love forests, I love the ocean. And obviously river is a part of nature. I just thought it was a really cool name.”

Congratulations again to Sophia and her partner on the arrival of their son! We hope they are enjoying their role as parents to baby River.

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