Surf legend Kelly Slater is gearing up to become a dad again! The athlete announced he and his longtime girlfriend Kalani Miller are expecting their first baby together. Kelly, 52, and the MIKOH co-founder, 36, have been romantically involved for 16 years.

To announce the news, the couple shared a joint Instagram video. The black-and-white video showed the couple holding hands and embracing as they walked along the beach. Kalani wore a black bikini that showed off her growing baby bump. The video was set to Ben Harper’s song “The Three Of Us.” The couple did not reveal any details about their pregnancy, including Kalani’s due date and the sex of the couple’s baby.

In 2019, Kalani opened up in an interview about how she and Kelly first met. “At the time, me and my sisters were working for Roxy, which is the female counterpart of Quicksilver. And he was at the Quicksilver booth and he was in town for the contest at trestles.” She shared that while Kelly had been riding for Quicksilver for over 20 years at that time and she had with the company “for years and years,” they “never crossed paths, never seen each other anything. It was funny that far into it we see each other. I remember exactly seeing him for the first time and like time really did stop.”

In the interview, she even shared whether kids were in the future for the couple. “I’m from a family of four. He’s from a family of three. Now when I see people traveling with four kids, I can’t imagine my family or anyone doing that. It’s crazy. I don’t know, maybe [we’ll have] two or three.” While this little one will be Kalani’s first baby, it will be Kelly’s second. Kelly shares a 28-year-old daughter named Taylor with Tamara Mitchell.

Congratulations to Kelly and Kalani on the news of their first baby together!

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