Makeup mogul Kylie Jenner welcomed her second child with her partner Travis Scott in February. Shortly after, Kylie revealed that the couple named their son Wolf Jacques Webster. Last month, she announced that she and Travis changed their son’s name and now, she’s sharing an update on his new moniker.

At the time, The Kardashians star shared that the change of Wolf’s name was because she and Travis “just really didn’t feel like it was him.” The Kylie Cosmetics founder opened up with Entertainment Tonight to reveal that her son still doesn’t have a name yet. The couple wants to be absolutely sure that their son’s new name is fitting for him. She shared, “We have some strong options, but we haven’t officially changed it. Before I officially changed it I want to make sure.”

Kylie, who was joined by her sisters during her interview with Entertainment Tonight, shared how she and Travis, who share 4-year-old daughter Stormi, originally came up with the name Wolf. “Wolf was never on our list. It just was something Khloe suggested,” Kylie explained. In response, her sister Khloe joked, “Don’t do this to me.” But Kylie insisted that she did like the name. “There’s nothing against [the name] Wolf, it just wasn’t him.” Kylie’s other sister Kim Kardashian expressed a poignant thought that “sometimes you must meet a baby” before giving them a name. Kylie agreed with Kim’s sentiment.

In a separate interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kylie’s father Caitlyn Jenner expressed a similar sentiment when asked about Kylie and Travis changing their son’s name. “When you have a little child, the little baby comes out and you think of what it should be, but then you get them in your arms and you play with them and spend time with them and say, ‘I don’t know if that name fits, maybe it’s another name.’ That’s Kylie’s decision.”

We look forward to Kylie and Travis announcing the name of their second child and wish them all the best in choosing the name they believe is right for him.

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