Elena and Preston Gant / @gantelena
Elena and Preston Gant / @gantelena

Little Women: LA cast member Elena Gant is going two welcome two little men into her life!  Gant and her husband, Preston, announced that they were expecting twins in February. This week the couple revealed that both babies are boys!

The 4’4″ celebrity impersonator and her husband (who is 6’2″!) used silly string for their gender reveal party.  After their friends counted down to zero, the couple sprayed the silly string over the crowd – shouting with joy as two shades of blue emerged.

When asked if they had chosen any names yet, Preston spurred laughter when he replied, “Yes, Baby A and Baby B!” – referencing the two labels on the spray cans.

The fraternal twin boys are due in June and will be the first children for the couple.  Elena shared that she is relying on her co-star and friend Terra Jole for pregnancy advice.  “She helps me a lot with her advice.  I keep asking her about strollers and the different things that she knows better because she has the same height issue as I have, and how to lift all this and fold this, and put it in the trunk.”

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