Last November, reality star and author Sadie Robertson announced she would be growing her family with her husband Christian Huff. Later that month, the couple revealed that their second child will be a girl. Ahead of the little one’s arrival due in May, the couple has shared the name they chose for their daughter.

On the most recent episode of the couple’s “WHOA That’s Good” podcast, Sadie and Christian discussed the process of choosing a name. “There is something powerful about being intentional about what you name your child,” Sadie shared, expressing the power a name can have over someone and their life. “It was hard to think of another name to follow up Honey,” the “Live” author shared, referring to her first child whom the couple welcomed in May 2021.

“It happened very casually. It was May of last year and we were on a plane,” she began, noting that they weren’t pregnant or trying to conceive yet. She was praying, thinking about a name, looking into the clouds as she was flying, and she claimed, “the name dropped into my spirit. It was a first name and a middle name.” She turned to Christian and said, “what do you think about this name?” Before continuing the story about the name inspiration, the couple revealed they will be naming their second child Haven Belle. “Essentially, it means a beautiful safe place.” The name Belle has some family significance as Sadie has a younger sister named Bella. After sharing the name idea with Christian, the couple fell in love with the name “immediately.”

The couple found out they were pregnant in September and Sadie thought the next child might be a boy but she was “not surprised” when she learned she was having a daughter. They kept the name private for a while but it wasn’t until December that they knew for sure that Haven was the right name. Then, Sadie participated in an Instagram trend of sharing a collage of photos with a partner of the first day they met, their first date, the day they got engaged, and the day they got married. When she saw the image of their first date, she noticed a sign in the background that said the word “Haven.” Learning this brought even more significance for the couple.

Congratulations again to Sadie and Christian on growing their family. We wish them all the best as they await the arrival of baby Haven.

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