Singer-songwriter Christina Perri has welcomed a baby! The “A Lighter Shade of Blue” singer and her husband Paul Costabile welcomed their little one on October 22.

“She’s here!⁣” Christina began her post, which was accompanied by a black-and-white image of Christina nursing her daughter on a chair at the hospital. The singer previously revealed she was pregnant with a daughter when she announced her pregnancy in May. “With a whole lot of faith, trust and pixie dust she has arrived safely,” Christinas continued, “please welcome our magical double rainbow baby girl.” The couple named their daughter Pixie Rose Costabile.

Pixie’s middle name holds special meaning, as the name was given in honor of the stillborn child Christina and Paul lost in November 2020. The couple named the baby girl they lost Rosie and last year, the singer released a lullaby album on the anniversary of Rosie’s death called Songs for Rosie. Prior to becoming pregnant with Rosie, Christina had suffered a miscarriage, which is why she referred to Pixie as her “magical double rainbow baby girl.” Pixie joins the family with an older sister, the couples’s first daughter named Carmella Stanley.

A few days before announcing the birth of Pixie, the “Jar of Hearts” singer reflected on her 4th pregnancy. “My 4th pregnancy is coming to an end and i am here and having all the feelings; ⁣bigger and deeper than i’ve ever had before.⁣ This was a journey, a true quest, an adventure & a lesson.⁣” She went on to detail the anxiety and fear she felt throughout and the joy that came when her fears were cast aside. She went on to share the outlook she had as she prepared to welcome her daughter. “No matter what happens in the next couple days, ⁣i promise i will look at this pregnancy with an endless gratitude.⁣ i have learned a new surrender, so profound, i’ll never forget it. ⁣this darling baby girl inside me has already changed our lives for the better. ⁣she represents all the possibilities we can only achieve ⁣if we’re brave, intentional, open, trusting and only if we try again. ”

Congratulations to Christina and Paul on the arrival of their daughter! We wish them lots of love as they welcome Pixie into their life.

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