Last month, singer Jessie J announced the birth of her first baby with her partner Chanan Safir Colman. While she has posted intermittently about her little one, she finally took to Instagram today to share the name of her newborn.

Jessie and Chanan welcomed a baby boy on May 12th and they chose to name their son Sky Safir Cornish Colman. The “Price Tag” singer accompanied the news with an image of her son gazing up at the camera wearing a sweatshirt that read: “smile.” Ahead of announcing Sky’s moniker, Jessie reflected on her son’s first month yesterday writing, “Tomorrow you are a month old. It’s felt like one long best day of my entire life. Mummy and Daddy love you more than anything in this world baby boy.”

Earlier this month, the singer opened up about her birth experience and how things didn’t go as she’d planned. She began by sharing how she prepared for a natural birth. “I spent 9 months prepping for a natural birth. Strict food, the epi no, yoga, swimming, hypnobirthing methods. I had a tens machine, a birthing comb, I wanted a pool birth ideally with no medication. BUT this was MY plan to stay disciplined and focused. I knew full well it could and would most likely go in a completely different direction.” However, she also shared she was open to plans changing, “When people asked me ‘So what’s your birth plan’ I said ‘I am open to surrendering to the safest way for my baby boy to arrive.'”

Ahead of reaching 40 weeks, Jessie’s plans changed. “I had a scan at a few days off of 40 weeks and he was completely the wrong way around and stuck as he was a little chunkier than your average and long. I did everything to try and turn him for 2 months but he said ‘Nah mum I wanna make an entrance out the roof, not the front door.’ I was advised to have a planned C section for the safest birth.” Then, referencing the video she posted with the caption of her dancing in the hospital, she wrote, “This video was taken 5 minutes before I went down to surgery. I went into active labour the night before and feeling all the feels but mostly just excitement for us to meet our baby boy.”

As to why she chose to open up about her experience, the “Bang, Bang” singer wrote, “I guess I’m sharing this because so many people have said ‘Do you feel like you missed out on the birth you wanted?’ I had a birth and it was everything I wanted because I got him at the end of it, that’s all that matters.”

Congratulations again to Jessie and Chanan on the arrival of their son! We hope they continue enjoy parenting little Sky.

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