Actor Chris Sullivan, who plays the role of Toby Damon on the hit series This Is Us has announced that he and his wife Rachel are expecting their first child together! Chris took to Instagram to share the news and also revealed the gender in a very unique way.

Chris posted a picture of a sonogram of his first child along with slides of other images that eluded to the baby’s sex. The images included a banana, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, a cloud, and other phallic-shaped images. Looks like it’s a boy!

Rachel, a short film producer, posted the same sonogram image to her Instagram page and captioned the photo: “It’s TRUE!!! You heard it from @sullivangrams we are having a BOY!! So excited!! Nursery is in the works, names are being workshopped, doulas are being interviewed, naps are my go-to self care bc I’m just so [sleepy], so much to do and yet so much not to do, just enjoying the moment…life is good!”

Chris and Rachel have been married since 2010. The couple wed just before they moved to New York City for Chris’s role in the Broadway show Lombardi.

As Toby on This Is Us, Chris plays quite a romantic, which isn’t too far off from reality and his relationship with Rachel! In 2018, they partnered with Match for Romance Awareness Month where they aimed to help men and women bring more love into their lives. In a sweet Instagram post, Chris shared a few secrets to the survival of their marriage, one of which included their daily check-in: “Feel, Better, Want, Love.”

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