Erika Christensen / @erikachristensen
Erika Christensen / @erikachristensen

Actress Erika Christensen and her husband, Cole Maness, are expecting their first child together – a daughter!  The Parenthood star first announced that she was pregnant on March 30th with a Tweet.  Sharing a photo of her puppy, she wrote: “This boy is getting a little sister. A human sister. She’ll make her first appearance tomorrow at Confirmation.”

True to her word, everyone had a good look at her baby bump when she walked the red carpet for HBO’s Confirmation the next dayIn the TV movie, Christensen plays the role of Anita Hill’s best friend, Shirley Weigland, during Anita Hill’s testimony against Judge Clarence Thomas at his Supreme Court nomination hearing.  Posting a photo of herself at the premiere, Christensen wrote on Instagram, “Very pleased to be joining the ranks of parents soon…7 months pregnant and the baby girl is getting bigger!”

More recently, the actress showcased her sense of humor when she shared two side by side pictures of herself to her Instagram page. Facing the mirror, Erika showed only the slightest hint of a pregnant belly, but when she turned to show her profile, her bump was quite prominent.  The actress wrote: “Tell me this is not hilarious. Front view….SIDE VIEW.”

Erickson and Maness, a cyclist, were engaged in November of 2014 after two years of dating. They married in Palm Springs in September of 2015.

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