Last week, actress and comedian Whitney Cummings announced she was pregnant with her first baby. Today, she shared an ultrasound image of her baby and revealed the sex of her first child. “My favorite pic of my babies face so far.”

Whitney continued in her caption by revealing her child’s sex. “This just in: it’s a BOY.” The comedian cheekily added, “Help me name this monster. Rusty? Dusty? Bill?” She went on to joke in the comments section, “I knew I’d give birth to an actual pit bull.”

Whitney’s celebrity friends took to the comments to suggest name choices, serious options or otherwise. Socialite Paris Hilton, who surprisingly welcomed her first child earlier this year, suggested, “Sliving Cummings 👶🏼.” Social media influencer Hannah Stocking threw out a slew of name ideas such as Bear, Paco, Jet, and Pumba. Actress January Jones joked, “Some names on my list that I didn’t end up using but are good contenders: Isosceles, Bloodrayne, Felix Jr., [and] Eminem.”

The At Midnight star announced her pregnancy news last month with an at-home photoshoot featuring her rescue dog. “In these pix I am with child. And there’s a baby in me too. Human pup coming December.” She ended her announcement with a joke about her current comedy tour, which scheduled through October. “All tour dates in 2023 still happening I just may fall over a couple times.” She took to the comments to address her show for that weekend writing, “Brea, ca shows this weekend are ON! I’m just pregnant not dying.”

Congratulations to Whitney on the news of her baby boy! We wish her all the best throughout the rest of her pregnancy.

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