100+ Biblical Names for Girls

The Bible is one of the most important religious texts of all time. At about 2,700 years old, it contains a vast pool of personal names which have inspired parents for millenia. Many Biblical names are familiar and still trending to this day, but there are also many unique Biblical girl names that are ready to be discovered! Here’s a list we compliled of over 100 girl names from the Bible.

Adah – Adornment
Adina – Noble, Delicate
Adoracion – Adoration of Jesus
Anna – Gracious, Merciful
Antonia – Of Unknown Meaning
Apphia – Increasing
Atarah – Crown
Athalia – God is Exalted
Avital – Father of Dew
Baara – Flame
Bathsheba – Daughter of an Oath
Bernice – Brings Victory
Beryl – Semi-precious stone
Bethany – Place of Figs, a town near Jerusalem
Bethel – House of God
Caesarea – Leader
Candice – Queen Mother
Carmel – Vineyard of God
Cassia – Cinnamon
Ceanna – favor, grace
Chana – Gracious
Charity – Giving, Kindness
Chava – Life
Chloe – Verdant and blooming
Claudia – Lame
Cyrene – A Wall, Strength
Damaris – Calf, Gentle
Daphne – Laurel Tree
Darda – Pearl of Wisdom
Deborah/Devorah – Bee
Delilah – Delicate, Weakened
Dinah – God has judged
Donyelle – God is My Judge
Dora – Gift
Dorcas – A Gazelle
Drucilla – Mighty, Strong
Dulce – Sweet
Easter – Goddess of Fertility, Spring
Edna – Delicacy, Tenderness
Elisheba – God is Her Oath
Elizabeth – God is my Oath
Erela – Angel, Messenger
Esther – Star or Myrtle Leaf
Eunice – Joyous Victory
Eve – To Breathe/To Live
Faith – Faith
Hadassah – Myrtle Tree
Hagar – Flight
Hajar – Very hot afternoon
Hannah – Grace
Heaven – Home of the Gods and Celestial Beings
Jael – Wild Mountain Goat
Jemima – Dove
Joanna – God is Gracious
Judith – From Judaea
Julia – Youthful, Downy
Junia – Youthful
Keturah – Incense
Kezia – Tree Bark
Kyria – Lady, Womanly
Leah – Weary
Lis – God is my oath
Lydia – From Lydia, Greece
Madonna – My Lady
Magdala – Tower
Magdalene – Watchtower, Watchful
Malthace – Unknown
Mara – Of the Sea or Bitter
Marla – Reference to Mary Magdalene
Martha – Lady
Mary – Of the Sea/Bitter/Beloved
Melita – Little Bee
Michal – Who is like God?
Milagros – Miracles
Miriam – Of the Sea or Bitter
Moriah – God is my Teacher
Myra – Behold
Naomi – Beautiful, Gentle
Nekoda – Painted, Inconstant
Ophrah – Young Deer
Orpah – Fawn
Persis – Persian Woman
Petra – Rock
Phoebe – Bright, Shining
Priscilla – Ancient
Rachel – Ewe
Reba – Snare
Rhoda – Rose
Ruth – Friendship
Salome – Welcome, Peace
Sarah – Princess
Sela – Rock
Serafina – Seraphim, Angel
Serah – Star
Sheba – Kingdom in Arabia
Susanna – Lily
Tabitha – A Gazelle
Talitha – Maiden, Child
Tirzah – Pleasing
Veronica – Truth
Zia – Radiant
Zillah – Shade
Zipporah/Tzipporah – Bird

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