Background is an old Bible opened and sitting on a surface. The title says 200+ Biblical Names for Boys.The Bible is one of the most important religious texts of all time. At about 2,700 years old, it contains a vast pool of personal names which have inspired parents for millenia. Many Biblical names are familiar and still trending to this day, but there are also many unique Biblical boy names that are ready to be discovered! Here’s a list we compiled of over 200 boy names from the Bible.

Aaron – Exalted, strong
Abdiel – Servant of God
Abednego – Servant of Nego
Abel – A Breath
Abiel – God is my Father
Abner – Father of Light
Abraham – Father of Nations
Absolom – Father is Peace
Adam – Man, Of the Earth
Adin – Beautiful or Slender
Adlai – God is just
Adonai – God is my Lord
Adriel – Congregation of God
Aeneas – Praiseworthy, Commendable
Aithan – Firm, Strong
Alexander – Defender of the People
Ammiel – God of my People
Amos – Burdened
Andrew – Manly
Angel – Messenger of God
Aquila – Eagle
Aran – Wild Goat or Forest
Archippus – Master of the Horse
Areli – Lion of God
Ariel – Lion of God
Artemas – Whole
Asa – Physician
Asher – Blessed, Happy
Augustus – Great
Ayaan – gift of God
Azel – Unknown Meaning
Balthazar – Baal protect the king
Barak – Blessing, Spark
Barnabas – Son of Encouragement
Bartholomew – Son of Talmai, Furrowed
Baruch – Blessed
Bela – Devouring
Benjamin – Son of my Right Hand
Cain – Acquired
Caleb – Whole Hearted
Cane – Stalk of Sugar
Chileab – Like His Father
Chilion – Complete
Christmas – Christ-feast
Clement – Gentle, Merciful
Cohen – Priest
Coriander – Romance, Spice
Cornelius – Horn
Crispus – Curly-Haired
Cyrus – Heir to the Throne
Daniel – (Only) God is my Judge
Danil – God is my judge
Darius – Upholder of the Good
Dathan – Combination of David and Nathan
David – Beloved
Demetrius – Devotee of Demeter
Dor – Generation
Dori – Gift or Generation
Dzon – God Is Gracious
Ebenezer – Stone of Help
Eden – Paradise
Edom – Red
Eleazar – God has helped
Eli – Height
Eliada – God Is Knowing
Eliakim – God Rises
Eliam – People of God
Elias – The Lord is My God
Eliel – God, My God
Elihu – He is my god
Elijah – My God is Yahweh
Elisha – God is My Salvation
Eliud – God is Great
Elkanah – God bought
Elliott – The Lord is My God
Elon – Oak Tree
Emmanuel – God is With Us
Enoch – Dedicated
Ephraim – Very Fruitful
Ephrath – Israeli Place Name
Esau – Hairy
Ethan – Firm, Strong
Ezekiel – God will Strengthen
Ezra – Help
Felix – Happy and Prosperous
Gabriel – God is my Strength
Gaius – Person of Earth
Gamaliel – God is my reward
Genesis – Beginning, Birth
Gershom – Stranger
Gethsemane – Oil Press
Gideon – Woodsman
Gilead – Biblical Place Name; form of Gilad
Gomer – To Complete
Haran – Mountaineer
Hermes – Interpreter
Hezekiah – God Strengthens
Hiram – Exalted Brother
Hosea – Salvation
Ibraheim – Father of Nations
Ichabod – Departed Glory
Immanuel – God is With Us
Ira – Watchful
Isaac – He Will Laugh
Isaiah – God is Salvation
Isaias – God is my salvation
Ishmael – God will hear
Israel – Wrestled with God
Izzy – God is My Oath
Jacob – Supplanter
Jada – Wise
Jadiel – one who will judge
Jadon – God has Heard
Jair – He Shines, He’s Enlightened
Jairus – He Shines
James – Supplanter
Jared – Descent
Jason – Healer
Jasper – Treasurer
Javan – Youth
Jedidiah – Friend of God
Jeremiah – God will Uplift
Jeriah – Taught by God
Jeriel – Fear of God
Jesher – Upright
Jesse – God’s Gift
Jesus – God is Salvation
Jethro – Abundance
Joachim – Raised by Yahweh
Job – He Who Weeps
Joel – The Lord God
John – God is Gracious
Jonas – A dove
Jonathan – God has Given
Jorah – Early Rains
Jordan – To Flow Down
Joseph – God will Increase
Joshua – God is My Salvation
Josiah – God will save
Josue – God is Salvation
Jotham – God is Perfection
Judah – Praised
Judas – Praised
Jude – From Judea
Julius – Youthful, Downy
Justus – Just, Fair
Kaleb – Whole Hearted
Kedar – Dark One
Laban – White
Lael – Of God
Lazarus – God Has Helped
Levi – Joined in Harmony
Linus – Flax colored
Lot – Hidden, Veiled
Luke – Person From Lucania
Madian – Unknown Meaning
Mahershalalhashbaz – Swift Are The Spoils, Speedy Is The Plunder
Malachi – Messenger of God
Mark – Warlike
Matthew – Gift of God
Matthias – Gift of God
Melea – Complete, Full
Messiah – Anointed One
Micah – Who is like God?
Michael – Who is like God?
Misael – Who is Like God?
Mishael – Who is Like God?
Moreh – Stretching
Moses – Born of a God
Moss – Born of a God
Musa – saved from the water
Naphtali – My Wrestling
Nathan – He Gave
Nathaniel – Gift of God
Nehemiah – God has Comforted
Neriah – Lamp of God
Nicodemus – Victory of the People
Nicolas – Victory of the People
Noah – Rest, Peace
Obadiah – Servant of Yahweh
Omar – Long Life, Popular, Flourishing
Oren – Jerusalem Pine
Othniel – Strength/Lion of God
Paul – Humble, Small
Peniel – Face of God
Perez – Son of Pedro
Peter – Rock
Philemon – Loving
Philip – Lover of Horses
Psalm – Song or To Pluck
Ram – Godlike
Rapha – Comfort, Healing
Raphael – God has Healed
Reuben – Behold, a Son
Reuel – Friend of God
Rufus – Red Haired
Samson – Sun or Service
Samuel – His name is God
Saul – Borrowed
Seraiah – Prince of the Lord
Sergius – Net
Seth – Appointed
Shamar – Fennel
Shiloh – His gift
Simon – God has Heard
Solomon – Peaceful One
Stephen – Crown
Tabor – Pinnacle, Height
Talmai – Mound, Hill
Teman – Person from Yemen (South)
Terah – Wanderer; Station
Thaddeus – Praise
Theophilus – Loving God or Friend of God
Thomas – A Twin
Timon – To Honor, Hold in Esteem
Timothy – To Honor God
Titus – Of Unknown Meaning
Tobiah – God (Jevoah) is Good
Tobias – God is Good
Uri – God is My Light
Uriah – God is my Light
Uriel – God is my Light
Yahuah – God is My Salvation
Yocheved – God’s Glory
Yotam – God is Upright
Zacchaeus – Pure
Zaccur – Mindful
Zebadiah – Endowed by God
Zedekiah – God is Righteousness
Zephan – God Has Hidden
Zephaniah – God Has Hidden
Zerah – Brilliance
Zimran – Singer of Praise
Zion – Israel
Zuriel – The Lord is my Rock

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