An image of a wave on a beach with the title Summer Inspired Baby Names.

Summer is one of the most exciting times of the year with its long warm days and fun activities. If you’re searching for a summer themed name, look no further! Here is a compilation of monikers that capture the essence of this beautiful time of year – names with meanings related to warmth, the sun, water, and more!

Ardelle – A Latin name meaning “warm.”

August – One of the summer months and an English name that means “Great, To Increase.”

Bay – Summer is commonly associated with water, so this word naming meaning “Sea Inlet” is a good fit!

Calida – Spanish name that means “warm.”

Ciro – An Italian name meaning “Of the Sun.”

A person is walking on a beach holding a fishing pole with the sun setting behind them over the water.
Spring Lake, New Jersey Beach at Sunrise

Coral – Coral is the English word for the reef formation. The French name Coralie also evokes a summery image!

Cove – Another English water related word name that means “Small Coastal Inlet.”

Dorian – A Greek name meaning “From the Sea.” Its roots are related to an ancient district in Greece, a legendary hero named Dorus, and the ancient Dorian people.

Dylan – A Welsh name with the meaning “Son of the Sea.”

Éliane – A French name meaning “The Sun” with possible relation to the Roman cognomen Aelius.

Elio – A Spanish name that means “The Sun.”

Idalia – A Spanish name meaning “Sun” and also a place name.

Julius – The summer month of July is named after Julius Caesar, and the name means “Youthful, Downy.”

June – The first month in summer. June is named after Juno the goddess of love, marriage, and childbirth.

A white statue of the goddess Juno.
Juno; Vatican, Rome. Brooklyn Museum Archives, Goodyear Archival Collection

Kai – A Hawaiian name that means “ocean.”

Lavender – This is the English name for the purple flowering plant that blooms in summer.

Leo – In astrology Leo is the sign for those born between July 23rd and August 22nd. It’s a Latin name meaning “Lion.”

Lir – An Irish name meaning “The Sea,” it is the name of a sea god in Irish mythology. The Welsh counterpart is Llyr.

Lumina – A Slavic name that means “sunshine.”

Malia – The Hawaiian version of Mary, which means “Of the Sea” or “Bitter”. Malia is the name of Barack Obama’s eldest daughter.

Marisol – A Spanish name that means “Sun, Sea.”

Ocean – The ocean is commonly associated with summer and the word is originally Greek. The French name Océane is a great derivative!

Ravi – Ravi is an Indian name meaning “Sun.”

Samson – A Hebrew name meaning “Sun” or “Service” and is the name of a prominent biblical figure.

Soleil – A French word meaning “Sun.”

A field of lavender.
Lavender fields near Hitchin, England.

Sorley – An English name that means “Summer Traveller” or “Viking” and was originally a surname.

Summer – The ultimate summer seasonal word name!

Sunniva – A Scandinavian name meaning “Sun Gift.” Saint Sunniva is a 10th century saint who was shipwrecked in Norway.

Thalassa – A Greek name meaning “The Sea.” Thalassa is the name of the primeval spirit of the sea in Greek mythology.

Zinnia – A beautiful flower that blooms all through summer.