I have been looking for baby names for a while now and most of your names our foreign! I am English and would nice to see some nice English baby names that I can all pronounce! Awful sight!

You should advertise elsewhere except England!

Sophie W.

Dear Sophie,

See that WORLD in our logo? There's a reason for that.
See that WORLD in our logo? There’s a reason for that.

The staff and name experts at BabyNames.com pride ourselves in providing a database that is ethnically diverse.

A culture that may be “foreign” to you is not foreign to others who may be seeking names within their culture or of another culture.

I’m sorry you feel our sight [sic] is awful because we don’t just limit our database to Anglo-Saxon Euro-originated names. Let me know if you find a website of “Non-Foreign Baby Names,” as I’d be curious to see it.

Jennifer Moss

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