Names from Twilight Names from the Twilight series of novels and movies have stood the test of time, still ranking in the U.S. Baby Name charts since the release of the first of the series in 2005. In fact, author Stephenie Meyer, just might have started the “old fashioned” baby name trend that began around that time, since the vampire characters were over a century old.

The types of names vary – from the 100-year names to the Indigenous-inspired monikers of the Quileute characters. Meyer also took into account the region in which the characters resided, such as Vladimir from Romania.

Whatever naming style you’re looking for, you might be able to find inspiration from the iconic names from Twilight! WARNING: Spoilers Ahead.

Main Characters


Bella lives in Forks, Washington with her divorced father, Charlie. In the first book she starts off as a teenager moving to Forks and being the “new girl” in High School. Bella is a shortened form of the name Isabella.


Edward is one of the main characters, a vampire, and a member of the Cullen family. Overprotective of Bella, he has the ability to read minds, with the exception of Bella’s.


Jacob was Bella’s best friend, and Edward’s rival for Bella’s love. Jacob is a wolf, described as looking older than his actual age. Jacob has his own pack.



Alice is Bella’s best friend and “sister” to Edward. Alice is known for being a bit hyper, and a shopaholic. She has the ability to see the future.


Rosalie is beautiful, shallow and vain, and the “popular girl” that others look up to. She enjoys looking at herself in the mirror and fixing cars. Nicknamed “Rose.”


Emmett is Rosalie’s husband, and is described as appearing intimidating (after all, he’s strong). But deep down, he’s an old softie!


Jasper is the newer member of the Cullen family, and has difficulty adjusting to the Cullens’ non-human eating habits. Jasper has the ability to control the emotions around him.


Carisle is the creator and father of the Cullen Family. Carlisle has been a vampire since the 1600s, and turned Edward, Esme, Rosalie and Emmett in order to save their lives.


Esme is the mother figure to the Cullen family. Esme is described as being very motherly and caring.


Renesmee is Edward and Bella’s daughter, half-human and half-vampire. Renesmee’s name is a combination of her grandmother’s names, Renee and Esme. Renesmee has the ability to show people what she has seen (or is thinking) and she is able to let everyone in her mind. This name was solely created by Stephenie Meyer for this series, but has morphed into a real baby name.


Leader of the Denali Coven, Tanya once expressed an interest in Edward Cullen. Her coven is considered by the Cullens as their cousins because, like the Cullens, they drink only animal blood.


Member of the Denali Coven, Irina held a grudge against the Cullens because the wolves killed her mate, Laurent. She also sold out the Cullens to the Volturi.


Kate is a member of the Denali Coven. She can send an electric current over her skin that can shock and incapacitate attackers.


Eleazar was once a member of the Volturi Guard, and possesses the ability to sense other people’s powers. He joined the Denali Coven after he met Carmen.


Carmen is Eleazar’s mate, and a member of the Denali coven. She is Spanish and was the first to accept Renesmee.


Once a Nomad, Garrett is an adventurer, willing to try anything once. Garrett met Kate in Breaking Dawn, and became a member of the Denali Coven.


Sasha is the creator of Tanya, Kate, Irina and Vasilii. She was killed for creating a vampire child.


Vasilii is a child created by Sasha, unknown by his “sisters.” When Vasilii was discovered by the Volturi, he and his mother Sasha were destroyed.


Aro is the head of the Volturi, leaders of all the vampires. Aro is a collector, slightly aloof, and possesses the ability to see everything in a person’s past.


Sulpicia is Aro’s wife, and is kept the tower with Athenodora. Like her husband, Sulpicia is considered one of the Volturi leaders.


Caius is another of the Volturi leaders, the enforcer of the group. He is dedicated to enforcing the laws.


Athenodora is Caius’ wife and one of the Volturi Leaders, often kept guarded.


Marcus is a Volturi leader, and can sense relationships. He always appears bored since his wife’s death.


Didyme was Marcus’ wife and Aro’s sister, but is deceased. Didyme had the ability to make everyone around her happy. Aro killed her because she and Marcus were planning to leave the Coven.


Alec is the twin to Jane. He is about 13 years of age and has the ability to cut off all senses, making you feel nothing at all, which is said to be worse than feeling everything.


Jane is a Volturi Guard and twin to Alec. Jane appears to be Aro’s favorite, and has the ability to create the illusion of pain.


Chelsea is a Volturi Guard. Chelsea can break connections and force them to side with the Volturi.


Afton is also a Volturi Guard and Chelsea’s mate.


Demetri is a Volturi Guard, and can track anyone, where ever they are once he gets a tenor of their mind.


Felix is a Volturi Guard, and is said to be a lot like Emmett in the sense that he has unusual strength.


Heidi is a Volturi Guard, with abilities unknown. She is described as beautiful, and known for gathering the victims for the Volturi.


Renata is a Volturi Guard, and Aro’s personal bodyguard. She can make anyone feel distracted and wandering when they are near her.


Santiago is a member of Volturi Guard.


Corin is a member of Volturi Guard, with unknown power.


Vladimir is a member of the Romanian Coven, once ruling with Stefan along with other Romanian Vampires. Tthey have been seeking any form of revenge against the Volturi, since the Volturi overthrew them.


Stefan is a member of the Romanian Coven, once ruling with Vladimir.


Mary is an American nomad, one of the Cullens’ witnesses in Breaking Dawn.


Peter is an American nomad, once considered Jasper’s brother, as they were created by the same vampire. Peter left because he didn’t agree with destroying vampires, saving Charlotte from death.


Charlotte is an American nomad and Peter’s mate. Jasper was going to destroy her, but Peter took her and fled.


Randall is an American nomad, one of the Cullens’ witnesses.


Alistair is a European nomad, a bit on the wild side. He is a tracker and considers Carlisle his closest friend.


Charles is a European nomad, with the ability to sense the truth.


Makenna is a European nomad, Charles’s mate, and one of the witnesses.


James is a main villain in Twilight, the first book. James is a tracker, who isn’t distracted once sets his mind on something. He is out to destroy the Cullens.


Victoria was James’ mate, and sought revenge against the Cullens after his death. She tried to kill Bella with an army of newborn vampires. She has the ability of knowing the safest place to escape.


Laurent at first didn’t agree with James’ tracking of Bella, but in New Moon goes back as a favor to Victoria. He is killed by the Wolves after he tries to kill Bella.


Kachiri is a member of the Amazon coven, appearing at the end of Breaking Dawn. She helped Jasper and Alice find Naheul.


Leader of the Amazon coven, Zafrina has the ability to create illusions.


Senna is a member of the Amazon coven, described as Zafrina’s limb.


Maggie is a member of the Irish coven, and has the ability to sense if someone is lying.


Siobhan is the leader of the Irish Coven. She has the ability to alter the course of a situation, however she doesn’t believe she has that ability.


Liam is a member of the Irish Coven, and mate to Siobhan.


Amun is the leader of the Egyptian Coven. He begrudgingly was a witness to the Cullens.


Kebi is a member of the Egyptian Coven and Amun’s mate.


Benjamin is a member of the Egyptian Coven, created by Amun purposely for his powers. He has the ability to control the elements of nature.


Tia is a member of the Egyptian Coven, and is Benjamin’s mate.


Like Renesmee, Naheul is half-human, half-vampire. He does have venom (Which Renesmee does not) and was raised by his aunt. Before meeting the Cullens he saw himself as a monster for killing his mother during birth. Naheul is known for saving the Cullens.


Hulien is Naheul’s Aunt, his mother’s sister. Naheul bit his aunt after birth, changing her into a vampire.


Joham is Naheul’s father, and creates half-human/half-vampire children as experiments. Joham is trying to start his own race.


Maria is a vampire who created Jasper, Charlotte and Peter. She created a vampire army in order to overtake the South.



Sam is the Leader of the La Push Pack, the first to phase. He is not the rightful leader of the pack, but as the first, he took the role.


Leah is the only female wolf, described as being bitter and a bit annoying. Though after joining Jake’s pack, Leah does become his second in command.


Seth is Leah’s younger brother, and is the only one with a real relationship with the Cullens. According to Edward, he has one of the most purest minds he’s ever witnessed.


Embry is one of Jacob’s best friends. Embry wasn’t an actual member of Quileutes, but seeing he has become a wolf, he may be the half brother of Sam, Jacob, or Quil.


Quil is Jacob’s other best friend. Unlike the others, Quil was actually rather excited to become a wolf, a member of the exclusive pack.


Paul is a wolf with a temper, and an annoyance to Jacob.


Jared was one of the first wolves to phase after Sam, and is the more quiet of the wolf pack.


Collin is one of the younger members of the La Push wolf pack, who phased at the age of 13.


Brady is one of the younger members of the La Push pack, who also phased at the age of 13.


Ephraim is Jacob’s great, great, great grandfather, and was the first wolf ever.



Charlie is Bella’s father, with whom she lives in Forks, Washington, U.S. He is, at first, oblivious to all the monsters around him.


Renee is Bella’s mother, although she was more of the child in the relationship, letting Bella take care of her. Edward says she had a childlike mind.


Phil is Bella’s stepfather and a baseball player.


Billy is Jacob’s father. He is the rightful chief of the Quileutes though that isn’t used anymore. Billy knows of the wolves and passes the tale down. He is also paralyzed.


Harry is Seth and Leah’s father, and Charlie’s best friend. Harry dies in New Moon which leads to his children phasing.


Sue is Leah and Seth’s mother, and wife to Harry. When her husband passes, Sue took his place on the Elders.


Jessica is one of Bella’s first “friends” at her new school. Jessica likes to gossip, and had a crush on Edward–but he never noticed her.


Mike is overly friendly, a bit overbearing, and has a crush on Bella.


Eric was one of the people who helped Bella on her first day of school. He also had a crush on her.


Lauren is a classmate of Bella’s, popular and snobbish.


Tyler is a classmate of Bella’s and was about to hit Bella with his car before Edward saved her. He, too, had a crush on Bella, and thought he was going to take her to Prom.


Angela is Bella’s closest human friend. She is very thoughtful and loyal to Bella.


Ben is Angela’s boyfriend and sits with the Cullens during lunch.


Sarah is wife to Billy and mother of Jacob, Rachel and Rebecca. Sarah dies before the first book.


Kim is Jared’s girlfriend.


Claire is the niece of Emily, and was only two when Quil imprinted on her. As she grows up, Quil will be the best brother figure, a good friend and once she is old enough, a mate.


Emily is Sam’s fiancee and Leah’s cousin. Sam imprinted on her while Leah and Sam were together. Soon she and Sam got togther and before he could control himself, Sam accidently attacked Emily which left her beautiful face damaged.


Shelley is Bella’s teacher.


Pire was seduced by Joham and concieved her son, Naheul. She left with her sister to live in the jungle where she died during her son’s birth.


Gianna is one of the few humans who know of the Volturi, working as their receptionist. Gianna knows she risks death, however she wants the Volturi to change her into one of them.


Elizabeth is Edward’s biological mother who died of the flu. Her last wish was for Doctor Cullen to save her son’s life.


Rachel is the sister to Jacob and Rebecca. Rachel left for college in Washington, away from La Push. When she returned, Paul imprinted on her.


Rebecca is sister to Jacob and Rachel, and a childhood friend of Bella’s. Rebecca married a man and moved to Hawaii.

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