Dear Grandma,

I’m close to my delivery time for my son. This is it first pregnancy and I want to know from a mother’s view if breastfeeding is the best for my baby. I’ve heard from my mother-in-law that it isn’t. My doctor says it’s my choice. I want to know what is best for both me and my baby.



Dear Candi,

Breastfeeding has been in and out of vogue for the last 100 years. It could be your mother-in-law became a young mother during a time when breast feeding was frowned upon. Thankfully, it is again respected because it offers your baby an immunity for the time you breast feed that is not found in formula. I also think it’s easier. However I also deem it the choice of the mother and no one else. If there is anything that makes you uncomfortable about it, remember it is your choice.

Just love that child.

Grandma Maggie

Peggy Moss, AKA "Grandma Maggie," was was a partner in after she retired as an early childhood educator. Her Q&A column "Ask Grandma Maggie" is now republished with the best of Grandma Maggie’s parenting and childcare advice. She has written many eBooks about parenting issues, available at

Peggy, who passed in 2014, was mother to Sue, Kate, Jennifer, and Mallory Moss, and grandmother to Ike, Peter, Miranda, and Veronica.