Ever wanted an extrdada hand while bottle-feeding baby? Then you’ll be interested in the Beebo Hands-Free Bottle Holder, developed by a dad-inventor who pitched his idea to the U.S. tv show “Shark Tank” last fall and won $200,000 in startup funds for his product.

The Beebo is ergonomically designed to rest high on a parent’s chest, secured over a shoulder, and provides a safe, comforting way to feed baby while keeping a hand free for other things, like taking cute dad-selfies.

The soft foam holder, which accommodates almost all baby-bottle sizes, can be removed for easy washing. Each Beebo is BPA-free, lead-free, and phthalates-free.

Martin Hill, inventor of the Beebo, originally wanted to call it the Booby, but his wife made him change the name. No matter what it’s called, the Beebo is one of those products that new parents will wonder how they lived without.

Whether you’re a new parent or a friend looking for a baby-shower gift you should take a look at the Beebo Hands-Free Bottle Holder; you can buy it here.

Susan Moss is an owner/partner in BabyNames.com and is a freelance bookkeeper in Chicago, Illinois.