As a mom, or soon-to-be mom, the hours in the day probably seem to escape from us to no end. Long gone are the opportunities to just sit down and play with the latest beauty products– oh, what a luxury!

I’m a big advocate for drugstore makeup, and especially drugstore mascara. Believe it or not, there aren’t a lot of properties that separate mascara formulas from different brands– high end or drugstore– because of FDA testing. And so, why not get a rocking mascara that makes your lashes look va-va-voom on the cheap?

One complaint I hear all the time is the inability to test before you buy. It’s true, you can go through a lot of trial and error before finding a drugstore mascara you love. But, I’ve tried taking some of the guesswork out for you by creating my Ultimate Drugstore Mascara Guide.


See what over 40 drugstore mascaras look like applied without spending a cent in this side-by-side comparison guide. I tried several from some of the biggest drugstore brands and pick out my favorites from them all.

Download the guide completely free by visiting my blog!

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