While everyone may be gushing about how you’re just gorgeously glowing, many moms agree that there are days you just don’t feel that way during pregnancy. Especially as your belly starts growing, you might find yourself engaging less in your regular primping and pampering rituals as your mobility becomes increasing limited and more… well, wobbly.

One product is helping bring some normalcy back into your routine with a tool that can help you shave your legs while pregnant, as your belly prevents you from bending over! The Giraffe Razor Extension Handle adds 15-20 inches in length to your razor handle, eliminating the need to bend at the waist or balance on one leg to get a close, smooth shave. It’s like the selfie-stick of shaving, giving you a hand (or, arm, really) in shaving while pregnant.

The Giraffe Razor Extension Handle comes with two universal razor attachments (small and large) which fit most disposable and reusable razors. Shown in the photos is the Venus Swirl razor which has a pivot head— my personal favorite when using with the Giraffe to help grab every angle. It’s easy to insert and release the razor from the attachment with a push of the button grip.

The handle has a telescoping feature, so you can add as much length as you need up to 20 inches. The head also bends at a 30, 45, or 90 degree angle and locks into place so you can get the right positioning for every section of your legs. The rubberized finish and wrist lanyard help give you even more control of the handle and avoid dropping it. The Giraffe lets you keep both feet planted on the ground while shaving, so you don’t have to worry about balancing with one foot on the edge of the tub.

In reality, the Giraffe Razor Extension Handle can help women beyond pregnancy, as those who may experience limited flexibility and mobility due to injuries or medical conditions can also benefit from the tool. This simple invention is making a big difference for women who crave the simple pleasures of smooth legs!

The Giraffe Razor Extension Handle is now available at select Bed Bath & Beyond locations, as well as Amazon.com for $29.99.

Miranda Mendelson has a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from California State University, Northridge with a minor in Women’s Studies. She is an owner/partner in BabyNames.com and daughter of founder Jennifer Moss.

Miranda is a long-time beauty influencer and entrepreneur, authoring her own blog, SlashedBeauty.com.