What are Anamazees, you ask? Anamazees are the first 5-in-1 pacifier, and it’ll blow your run-of-the-mill binky out of the water. The Anamazees enhance your standard pacificer with:

  • Plush PACIFIER HOLDER – keeps your baby’s comfort nearby (**pacifier included**)!
  • Soft RATTLE – gives your baby hours of interactive fun!
  • Surprise SQUEAKY TOY – a simple squeeze makes your baby smile!
  • Soothing MUSIC – plays the “ABC” song for your little one to learn along!
  • Wonderful KEEPSAKE – to display as a precious memory!
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Our little girl loves her Anamazees elephant! As soon as I opened it and showed it to her, she grabbed for it and stuck it in her mouth. It’s now her go-to mouth filler (besides her fist). One of her favorite things right now is when we sing the ABCs to her. If she’s fussing or crying, as soon as we start singing it, she lights up. So she’s a really big fan of the fact that this plays that song, and she will listen to it over and over again. The loudness is perfect to keep her entertained, but not too loud to be distracting for her surroundings (us! lol).

We’ve realized she is kind of picky about which pacifier she regularly uses, so I love the fact that you can switch out the default pacifier to whatever one you want. And it helps when you want to clean the pacifier, you can take it off and easily put it back on without getting the entire thing wet. I definitely think that feature alone made it so that she will continue using/playing with this for a long time to come.

She is also a huge fan of the squeaking sound that it makes, and will just sometimes keep playing with it even if it isn’t in her mouth.

I have noticed that it takes kind of a lot of force to get the rattle to actually rattle (my baby can’t do it on her own — she’s 6 months). I don’t think this is a defect, but I just noticed it.

And I do wish there was some sort of strap or fabric-type clip or hook to keep it in the stroller. I know our daughter likes to push stuff out of her space when she is done with it, so most of her toys we have attached with plastic rings so they don’t go missing along the way. This may just be my personal preference, though.

So, with all of the features this simple toy/pacifier has, it makes it a really worthwhile addition to our baby’s must-haves when going out anywhere.

You can find this Anamazees Elephant, along with other animal choices, for $18.95 on Amazon

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