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Actor Josh Harnett and Tamsin Egerton Expecting Second Child

Congratulations to actor Josh Harnett and his girlfriend, Tamsin Egerton, who are expecting their second child together.

Tamsin shared a pic from the Vanity Fair Oscars party, posing with Josh, Helena Christensen…and looking to sport a baby bump.

Tamsin was seen eating beignets at the event and joked, “This is not feeding the baby nourishment,” according to a report from People.com. Read More

There’s a New Binky In Town: Anamazees 5-in-1 Pacifier Review

What are Anamazees, you ask? Anamazees are the first 5-in-1 pacifier, and it’ll blow your run-of-the-mill binky out of the water. The Anamazees enhance your standard pacificer with:

Plush PACIFIER HOLDER – keeps your baby’s comfort nearby (**pacifier included**)! Soft RATTLE – gives your baby hours of interactive fun! Read More

My son won’t take naps!

Hi Grandma Maggie,

I am a first time, stay-at-home mother who is having a heck of a time getting my 19 month old son to nap (I am also 36 weeks pregnant with my second son)! He has always been a little finicky in his napping (if we had any change in schedule it would take him a day or so to recover) but we have had the same routine since he was about 10 months old; bedtime from 7:30pm-7:30am, nap from 12:30-2:30pm. Read More

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