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Valentine's Names

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Names of love for the month of February. You don't have to have a Valentine's baby to consider some of these baby names of love for your baby. Baby names listed below have some kind of connection to Valentine's Day, love, or courtship.


Roses are red, violets are blue! Many roses have been named after people. Some popular varieties, aside from Abraham (Abraham Darby), include Elizabeth (Queen Elizabeth), Jude (Jude the Obscure), and Gertrude (Gertrude Jekyll). If these don't strike your fancy, there's always Rose.


Adora comes from the Latin word adorare meaning "to adore, to worship." To carry on with the Valentine's theme, Adora is also a brand of chocolates. There's added cool-factor with Adora being the real name of She-Ra, Princess of Power.


Amor is from the Latin word meaning "love." If that is too literal, perhaps put a spin on it, with the German name, Amory.


How about naming your baby after the darling little cherub who aims his arrows at lovers' hearts? Cupid itself might be difficult to pull off, but you could be sneaky and use Archer. He is one after all!


Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer true...


Dante not only has a romantic meaning ("everlasting") but it also has some romantic literary connections. Dante Alighieri wrote "Divine Comedy," where he traveled Hell, guided by Virgil, and his love, Beatrice was his guide through Heaven. Another poetic Dante is Dante Gabriel Rosetti, who famously immortalized many of his loves and wrote many controversially erotic poems.