Actor David Henrie has revealed that he and his wife, Maria Cahill, are adding another baby to their family! The couple announced the news in celebration of their son’s birthday, who was born last year on Christmas day. “Maria and I were really racking our brains on what to get our son James for his first birthday…,” the This Is The Year star shared in the announcement post.

The image David shared featured his wife and their children: 2-year-old Pia Philomena Francesca and 1-year-old James Thomas Augustine. The picture, which was taken during James’s birthday party, featured many blue decorations. David took to the comment section to specify that the blue decorations were not part of a gender reveal and, in fact, the couple would not be learning the gender of their third child until their birth. “We are going to wait until birth for the gender reveal. Couldn’t think of a better gender reveal then that am I right?!”

After David posted the announcement to his feed, he took to Instagram Stories to share a heartfelt message. “As I sit here overlooking the ocean I am a bit overwhelmed with gratitude for how awesome my wife has been the past couple years,” he began. “Christmas Day 2019, my wife suffered her 4th miscarriage and thought from then on that Christmas would be of a day of mourning. However, God had other plans. Christmas Day 2020 she gave birth naturally to my son James.”

The Wizards of Waverly Place alum continued by sharing heartbreaking news. “Now this past year she suffered yet another miscarriage, our 5th. I’m proud of her because she did what needed to be done to heal, and now we’ve been given another chance with our 3rd child and we are hopefully clear of miscarriage danger.” He ended by discussing how miscarriage is a topic that isn’t often talked about and how important it is to seek help. “If anyone is struggling with miscarriage there are organizations out there to help you. A lot of people don’t talk about miscarriage, but it’s real and it’s traumatizing in ways you may not even be aware. Pls reach out for help. And always know your little angels above are smiling down upon you.”

Congratulations to David and Maria on growing their family. We wish them good health and lots of love as they prepare to welcome a new baby into the world.

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