Actor Henry Golding welcomed his first child in March of this year with his wife Liv Lo. The couple announced the news of their child’s arrival in April, just a few weeks after the birth. Up until now, the couple had chosen not to share their little one’s name, but in Henry’s recent interview with People, he reveals the name!

The Snake Eyes star interviewed with People Magazine and discussed the pandemic and becoming a father. Henry’s daughter was born on March 31, 2021 and the name he and Liv, a fitness instructor, chose for her is Lyla. When the pandemic first started, the Crazy Rich Asians star shared about the time, “You can plan and plan and plan until you’re red in the face, but it only takes a pandemic to be like, ‘Nope.’ It [made me] understand that you can’t get time back. Sometimes you got to say ‘No’ and make those hard decisions for the better of your personal life — and your soul.”

In starting his family, the pandemic actually proved to be a great opportunity to slow down and enjoy the moment. “We were able to focus on family time and really explore the West coast together and be present for the entire pregnancy journey. Money can’t buy that. I’ve realigned what’s important in life.”

The new dad went on to share his drive for creating a better world for Lyla and how he’s using his influence in Hollywood to effect change. “I have an Asian American baby, and I hope that I’ve helped lay a foundation where she grows up in a society that accepts you for who you are. It’s important to lend a voice where possible.”

When it comes to his role in Hollywood, Henry, who is portraying the titular character in his new film Snake Eyes, a ninja warrior originally written as a white man in the comic book series shared, “It’s really about if the characters are written with justice: Are they three-dimensional? Is there a backstory? Is there a reason why they’re from this certain country or of this certain ethnicity? We don’t want to be the butt of the joke. It’s not funny anymore.”

Congratulations again to Henry and Liv on welcoming Lyla into their family! We’re so proud of Henry for using his platform to create change for his daughter and the world.

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