Actress Jen Lilley, known for starring in many Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel, has shared that she has officially adopted another child with her husband Jason Wayne.

Jen, who is an advocate for foster care and adoption, had been fostering Jeffrey before he was finally adopted. Prior to being adopted, Jeffrey’s face would always be covered in Jen’s Instagram photos. Jeffrey is not the couple’s first adopted child. They also adopted another son name Kayden. What’s more, Kayden is also Jeffrey’s half-brother! “I’ll never forget the moment I said amen, we got another call that their birth mom insisted the boys be together, and thank God the county honored her wish. There were so many times we didn’t know how his case would end, but we were committed to loving him the rest of our lives.”

Since announcing the official adoption, Jen has gushed about her new son on Instagram. “Jeffrey is the kindest, sweetest, most nurturing, and adorable little boy anyone could ever hope for. He’s the perfect brother, the perfect yes man, and he has the best heart. Jeffrey means God’s divine peace, and while I did not name him, his name is so perfectly fitting. He fills our home with peace, love, and joy, and my heart has never been so full.”

Jen and Jason, who have been married since 2007, also share a biological child together. The couple welcomed a daughter named Julie Evangeline in July of 2019.

Congratulations to Jen and Jason on officially adopting Jeffrey!

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