Reality star Tia Booth, who appeared on season 22 of The Bachelor and seasons 5 and 7 of Bachelor in Paradise, has announced the arrival of her first child! Tia and her partner Taylor Mock welcomed their little one on December 6th. “Best day of our lives.”

Tia and Taylor shared a joint post on Instagram that featured an audio clip of the couple welcoming their son. They had previously revealed in July that they were having a boy. The couple named their son Tatum Booth Mock. Tatum is an English name that means “cheerful” and “full of spirit.”

Tia hasn’t revealed too much since welcoming her son but did share two Instagram stories following her announcement. The first one was a reshare of the audio post to her stories where she added, “Lots to share, but we’re soaking in every second of this sweet boy.” She then shared a picture of her son from behind, which showed the little one with a full head of dark hair. “He’s the cutest thing we’ve ever laid eyes on. What an experience,” the new mom wrote.

Taylor, a project engineer, gushed about becoming a father in his Instagram stories. Alongside a photo of himself holding hand over his mouth in awe, he wrote, “I can’t wait till you all get to see this little guy. People aren’t playing when they say this is one of the greatest moments of your life.” He also revealed that he had teased his son’s name back in September. At the time, when someone asked about baby names, Taylor used an image of actor Channing Tatum from the movie 22 Jump Street where the actor’s character says “My name is Jeff.” The joke was a coy way of revealing the name of Tia and Taylor’s son through the actor’s last name.

Congratulations to Tia and Taylor on the arrival of their first child! We wish them all the best as they embrace their new role as parents.

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