Last month, influencer Nabela Noor announced that she and her husband Seth were expecting their second child. Now, the author has revealed the sex of her little one.

Nabela shared a video that showed her and Seth in their home opening a large box filled with balloons to reveal the sex. Pink balloons signified the couple is expecting a girl! “A dream come true,” the designer shared in the caption of her post. This baby girl will be the couple’s second daughter. They welcomed their first child, Amalia Rana, in March of this year.

The self-love advocate posted a teaser video a few days before the reveal that featured the same video in black and white to disguise the pink balloons. At the time, she shared in her Instagram stories that she had been very sure of the sex of her little one and that she accidentally got a peak at the balloons, which were stored in the trunk of her sister’s car. She was disappointed by what she saw because her guess had been wrong, and she had been so sure. However, when the sex was revealed, she learned that she was right in her guess and had mistaken the color of the balloons when she saw a peek at them earlier.

Before becoming pregnant with her first child, Nabela has been openly struggling with infertility. She and Seth had been trying for six years to conceive and sadly suffered a miscarriage months before becoming pregnant with Amalia. She alluded to her struggles in a recent post asking her community to share their advice on being a mom to two children under two years old. “You all are truly such a loving and gracious community – a sisterhood, honestly. And as I embark on this new journey of being a mom of 2 under 2 (oh how I wish could go back in time and tell struggling, crying Nabela this would be the case)… I can’t help but want to ask you, my friends, to share your experiences with 2 under 2! Whether it’s someone you know or your own, would love to know a little about all of the wonders ahead. Any encouragement and words of wisdom is deeply appreciated!”

Congratulations again to Nabela and Seth on their pregnancy! We wish them all the best as they prepare to welcome another daughter into their family.

Kate Fann (she/her) is the celebrity blogger, as well as an established content writer, aspiring author, and social media expert. She has been featured in online publications such as Bolde, ManoByte, Medium, The Social Observer, and more. Kate has ghostwritten numerous romance novels and is currently working on publishing her own works in the Young Adult genre.

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