Earlier this week, YouTuber Trisha Paytas announced she is pregnant with her second baby. On a recent episode of her podcast, she shared the moniker she and her husband Moses Hacmon have chosen for her little one. However, she revealed she doesn’t yet know the baby’s sex.

During her recent episode of the “Just Trish” podcast, she shared she is 13 weeks along in her pregnancy and is planning to name her newborn Elvis. When announcing her first baby’s moniker, the YouTuber made headlines for her unique choice, because she named her daughter Malibu Barbie. According to Trisha, both names were destined for her. “I love all names, like I think they’re so cute, but I’ve always manifested Malibu and Elvis.”

She went on to share her thoughts on future children based on her naming dreams. “It’s always been the names I’ve said, so that’s it. And if we have a third, we literally have no names for it, so that can’t happen.” Despite not knowing the sex of her second baby, Trisha shares the name Elvis will be the little one’s name regardless. “Elvis could be a masculine name, but we’d also give it to a girl.” As for whether she will have a gender reveal, the YouTube creator shared, “Here’s the thing,” she explained to her co-host Oscar Gracey, “I go back and forth [on] gender reveals because I do love the idea of there’s no gender for anyone, and I love that, but I just think for a baby, you got to like have a direction, you know what I mean?”

We wish Trisha and Moses all the best as they prepare to the arrival of baby Elvis.

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