Are you looking for a wonderful Holiday Name for your December baby? Or are you trying to name a cast of Hallmark characters for your upcoming movie? Maybe a new pet? We’ve assembled this list of Holiday and Christmas names to spark that creativity and inspire you throughout the season.


A guardian from heaven. Pronounced “AYN-gell” in English or “An-HEHL” in Spanish. Famous Angels: political activist Angela Davis, actresses Angela Lansbury and Angela Cartwright.


Belle is literally a beautiful name, since that’s what it means! Most identified with Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, this name can also mean the jingle or holiday bells you hear throughout the season.


A Christmas song. Famous Carols include actor Carroll O’Connor, comedian Carol Burnett, actress Carol Channing, and Carol Mosely-Braun, first female African-American in the U.S. Senate.


Casper means “bringer of treasure,” a name derived from the name Gasper, who was one of the Three Wise Men. Most widely associated with the cartoon Casper the Friendly Ghost.


Meaning “heavenly,” Celeste is the perfect name for your December angel if you don’t want to be too obvo about your holiday baby. Famous Celestes include actress Celeste Holm, and actress Celeste Thorson,


Welsh name pronounced “KELL-in” the meaning of which is “holly.”


Meaning: Christ-bearer, or Follower of Christ. Famous Christians include designers Christian Dior,  Christian Lacroix, Christian Louboutin, and Christian Siriano, as well as actor Christian Bale.


Almost too obvious, this literally translates to “The Mass of Christ.” A Christian holiday celebrating the birth of Christ, celebrated traditionally on December 25th. Christmas Abbot was a contestant on the reality show Big Brother (US).


Claus is a Germanic nickname (no pun intended) for the name NICHOLAS. Hence Santa Claus = Saint Nicholas. Pronounced KLOWSE in German or CLAWZ in English. Famous Clauses include filmmaker Klaus Kinski, opera singer Klaus Nomi, and infamous Danish aristocrat Klaus Von Bulow.


Originally meaning “the tenth month” since December was the tenth month on the ancient Roman calendar. It’s the month we celebrate Kwanzaa, Hanukkah (sometimes, it changes), Christmas, and New Year’s Eve.


Many people open their presents and celebrate the holiday beginning Christmas Eve. It also is the name of the first woman in the Bible. Eve can also be used to celebrate babies born on New Year’s Eve, December 31st. Famous Eves include photographer Eve Arnold, singer Eve, actress Eve Plumb, and actress Eve Arden.


Faith is believing in an idea that has no physical evidence. Faith has been a popular name for the last century but was a top 100 name for girls on the U.S. Social security charts from 1999-2016. Famous Faiths include singer/actress Faith Hill, singer Faith Evans, and actress Faith Ford.

Singer Faith Hill
Singer/Actress Faith Hill


Gabriel was the angel that delivered the message to Mary that she was to have a son. SURPRISE! A perfect name for your little Holiday angel. Famous Gabriels and Gabrielles include actress Gabrielle Union, actress Gabrielle Carteris, comedian Gabriel Iglesias and actor Gabriel Macht from Suits.


A guardian from heaven. Pronounced “AYN-gell” in English or “Ahn-HEHL” in Spanish. Famous Glorias include singer Gloria Gaynor, attorney Gloria Allred, and women’s rights activist Gloria Steinem.


From a plant with red berries. Famous Hollies include actress Holly Hunter, reality tv star Holly Madison, and Holly Golightly, the lead character in novel and movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s, played by Audrey Hepburn. Also identified with animated character Holly Hobby, a design character popularized in the 1970s.


Ivy is a climbing vine plant, associated with the Christmas carol The Holly and the Ivy. Famous Ivys include singer/songwriter Ivy Queen, designer Ivy Higa, and Blue Ivy, daughter of singer Beyoncé and Jay Z.

Jeanette Isabella

I have to include this because it’s my all-time favorite Christmas Carol: Bring a Torch, Jeanette Isabella. You might not recognize the title of the song, but go listen, you will recognize it by it’s beautiful lilting tune. A rare holiday song with a name in the title!


The reason for the season! Pronounced “Hay-ZOOS” in Spanish or “GEE-zuhs” in English. Famous Jesuses include Christian savior Jesus Christ, baseball player Jesus Montero, Olympic athlete Jesus Espana, Olympic Athlete, and filmmaker Jesus Franco.


As the husband to Mary, Joseph raised Jesus as if he were his child. A nice nod to step-dads out there, Joseph is a classic name that never goes out of style. Famous Josephs include actor Joseph Fiennes, baseball player Joe DiMaggio, actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Mormon leader Joseph Smith, and composer Joseph Haydn.


Meaning “joyful,” this is name of Zooey Deschanel’s character in the modern Christmas classic, Elf. 


Your little one will be bringing tidings of comfort and joy to you and your family this holiday season. A classic, yet appropriate name for December babies. Famous Joys include TV host Joy Behar, actress Joy Bryant, children’s author Joy Cowley, and model Joy Corrigan.


Judah Maccabee is at the center of the Hanukkah story, with Judah and his brothers Shimon, Eliezer, Yonatan and Yochanan. They are the ones who discovered that the oil that should have lasted one day, lasted eight. Famous Judahs include actor Judah Bellamy, singer Judah Akers, and actor Judah Lewis.


Lucia means “light” and is appropriate for the winter season, identified with St. Lucia’s Day, a Scandinavian holiday celebrated on December 13th. On St. Lucia’s Day, young girls wear white dresses and wreaths of light and serve coffee and baked goods. Yum! Famous Lucia/Lucys include entrepreneur/actress Lucille Ball, actress Lucy Hale, and soap actress Lucía Mendez.


We can’t forget the mama who gave birth to the child on the day we celebrate the birth! Famous Marys include actress Mary Stuart Masterson, singer Mary J Blige, children’s movie and book character Mary Poppins, opera singer Maria Callas, journalist Maria Shriver, and actress Maria. Also the lead female character in the musical West Side Story, with a song of the same name (Maria).


Meaning cheerful and happy, a word normally used to wish someone a happy Christmas. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Christmas carol.


While we don’t recommend using this grand an expectation name for your baby, you could use it as a middle name to honor the religious meaning of Christmas.


Natalie literally translates to “Born” although it’s come to mean “Born on Christmas Day.” Famous Natalies include singers Natalie Cole and Natalie Maines, actress Natalie Schaffer, and actress Natalie Wood.


The formal name from which the diminutive NATALIE was derived. Slavic. Famous Natashas include actress Natasha Richardson, singer Natasha Bedingfield, and Natasha Fatale, cartoon villain from the Bullwinkle cartoon.


Nia is a Welsh name that means “bright” or a Swahili name that means “purpose.” Nia is one of the seven key principles of Kwanzaa. Nia Long is a popular American actress.


Santa Claus, translated into Dutch is Sinterklaas, which was derived from the original St. Nicholas, the patron saint of sailors, merchants, archers, repentant thieves, children, brewers, pawnbrokers and students in various cities and countries around Europe. St. Nicolas used to conduct secret gift-giving, which was the beginning of the Santa Claus mythology. Famous Nicks include actor Nicolas Cage, singer Nick Jonas, and TV host Nick Cannon.

Singer Nick Jonas
Singer Nick Jonas


One of the more obvious choices, Noel is a French term for Christmas or the Christmas season. The First Noel is a popular Christmas Carol. Famous Noels: Noel Coward, playwright. Pronounced NOHL or No-EL.


The story of Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer is one for the ages, where a character who was marginalized learns their worth, and is finally accepted not despite – but because of – his diversity. It’s a beautiful story, actually, and worthy of a name sake. Also, Rudy is a cute nickname. Famous Rudolphs include silent film star Rudolph Valentino and ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev.


The white stuff that falls from the sky around Christmastime.


The winter solstice is celebrated on December 21st and celebrates new beginnings. A perfect name for that winter baby, pet, or fictional character!


A celestial body of hot gases OR a celebrity. Famous Stellas and Stars include tv personality and attorney Star Jones, politician Starr Parker, musician Ringo Starr, actress Stella Stevens, model Stella Maxwell, and designer Stella McCartney.


The season during which the holidays fall. Famous Winters include singer Wynter Gordon, journalist Wynter Mitchell, musicians Edgar and Johnny Winter, and actress Winter Ave Zoli.


Identified with meaning the Christmas season, it actually means “feast.” Most identified with famed actor Yul Brynner, born Yuliy Borisovich Briner.

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