Australian beauty YouTuber Chloe Morello and her husband Seba have welcomed their first child together! The couple’s child arrived on June 4th at 2:30 AM. Chloe and Seba announced in January of this year that they were expecting.

The couple is the proud parents of a baby boy! They have chosen to name their first child Santino! Santino is an Italian name that means “little saint.” Chloe originally didn’t have plans to share her son’s name and does intend to respect his privacy, as she does have a significant following across multiple social media channels.

In her post sharing his name, she wrote, “I am conscious of his privacy and what it might mean having parents active on social media in the years to come. I didn’t necessarily see the need in sharing his name but I don’t want to worry and always have to be always cautious about slipping up… So I am excited to tell you our beautiful sons name is Santino!”

The Face Halo co-owner went into detail on how she came up with her son’s name. “I’ve always wanted a son with this name, and YES it’s from the Godfather lol. I have loved it since I was a teenager after reading the books and seeing the movie often with my Dad. Luckily Seba loves it too, and the nickname ‘Sonny’ is adorable.”

Chloe has been very open about her journey as a mother, specifically her breastfeeding journey. She discusses this on her Instagram Stories and even touched on the topic in her post sharing Santino’s name. “We are all doing well, he’s getting better at breastfeeding (thanks to the shields) and other than that he loves to sleep, be cuddled and carried around the house facing forward so he can look around.”

Congratulations to Chloe and Seba on welcoming Santino into the world! We wish them all the best as they embrace this exciting new journey together.

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