The background has stars and a moon with the title 30 night sky baby names.

The night sky has forever captured the interest of people. It’s dark, mysterious, and full of beautiful sights. Why not use it as an inspiration for a baby name? Unlike our blog 20 Space Baby Names that focuses on the names of celestial bodies, this list is compiled of names with night sky meanings. What do you think of these night sky themed names?

Masculine Night Sky Names

  1. ASTRO“Of the stars”
  2. DUSK“Between day and night”
  3. JERICHO“Moon city”
  4. MAHAK“Waning of the moon”
  5. NOX“Night”
  6. QAMAR“Moon”
  7. SIDEREAL“Of the distant stars”
  8. SHIHAB“Shooting Star”
  9. STERLING“Little star”
  10. TARIQ“Morning star”
  11. YAMIR“Moon”

Feminine Night Sky Names

  1. ALCMENE“Strength of the moon”
  2. ASTERIA“Starry”
  3. AYLIN“Of the moon”
  4. CITLALI“Star”
  5. ESTELLE“Star”
  6. HESPER“Evening star”
  7. ISRA“Journey of the night”
  8. JOCASTA“Shining moon”
  9. KAMARIA“Moon”
  10. LAYLA“Night”
  11. LILITH“Of the night”
  12. LUNA“Moon”
  13. MAHINA“Moon”
  14. NYX“Night”
  15. SAHAR In Hebrew it means “crescent moon” and in Arabic it means “dawn”
  16. SELENA“Moon”
  17. SEREN“Star”
  18. THURAYA“The Pleiades”
  19. YUE“Moon”

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