There are images of a sword in a stone and a castle turret below the title 35 names from Arthurian Legend

Arthurian Legend is made up of a myriad of stories told throughout different eras and languages. These legends have been popular in Wales since before the 11th century CE, but became more popular elsewhere with Geoffrey of Monmouth’s Historia regum Britanniae written around 1135 CE. The popularity of these fanciful tales has persisted until today, where interpretations now go beyond literature and include films and television series. These ancient stories full of adventure and love will never fail to capture the interest of audiences around the globe, so they are a natural place to search for fascinating names! Below is a list of 35 names from various Arthurian legends, just a sampling of a large cast of characters. Which names are your favorite?

Feminine Arthurian Romance Characters

  1. GUINEVEREWife of King Arthur
  2. MORGANMorgan le Fey, sorceress and half sister to Arthur. Also known as Morgana, Morgain, or Morgaine
  3. ELAINEThe name of various characters, including the mother of Galahad
  4. EVAINEWife of Bors the Elder
  5. GUINEVAKHalf sister of Guinevere
  6. IGRAINEArthur’s mother
  7. ISEULTLover of Tristan
  8. MORGAUSEArthur’s half sister and mother to Gawain
  9. NIMUELady of the Lake, also known as Viviane, Niniane, and Nyneve
  10. OLWENDaughter of Ysbaddaden
  11. LAUDINELady of the Fountain
  12. LUNETEHandmaiden to Laudine
  13. PARCENETA maid who helps Sir Pelleas

Masculine Arthurian Romance Characters

  1. ARTHURKing of Camelot
  2. LANCELOTKnight of the Round Table
  3. AGRAVAINKnight of the Round Table
  4. GALAHADKnight of the Round
  5. MERLINWizard and advisor to Arthur
  6. ECTORArthur’s adoptive father
  7. BEDIVEREKnight of the Round Table
  8. CARADOCKnight of the Round Table
  9. ELYANKnight of the Round Table
  10. GERAINTKing of Dumnonia
  11. ERECKnight of the Round Table
  12. GORLOISFather of Morgan le Fay and Morgause
  13. DRIANKnight of the Round Table
  14. TRISTANLover of Iseult
  15. LUCANKnight of the Round Table
  16. KAYArthur’s foster brother
  17. PERCIVALKnight of the Round Table
  18. KAHEDINBrother of Iseult
  19. MADOCBrother of Arthur
  20. UTHERFather of Arthur
  21. MORDREDIn early texts he is regarded positively as Arthur’s son, in later works he is his traitorous nephew
  22. PELLEASKnight of the Round Table

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