Last Christmas Day, country singer Kane Brown announced that he and his wife Katelyn would be growing their family this year. This newborn will be the couple’s third baby together. And now, they’ve announced the sex of their new family member.

The couple posted a video for their gender reveal that began with Katelyn behind the camera asking the “Bury Me In Georgia” singer what he thought the baby was. He replied, “It’s a girl.” The video then cut to Katelyn asking the couple’s first daughter Kingsley Rose, who was born in October 2019, if she wanted to learn if her new sibling is a boy or a girl. Katelyn then showed a small cake with white frosting and the top featured three bumblebees buzzing around flowers with the text “What will baby bee?” The “Thank God” singer explained to her daughter that the inside was either pink or blue. The video then cut to the couple sitting at a table with their daughters as the parents placed champagne flutes into the cake to cut it to reveal the blue cake inside. It’s a boy! The family was excited at learning the news.

This new baby boy will be Kane and Katelyn’s first son. In addition to their daughter Kinglsey, the couple share 2-year-old Kodi Jane. Kodi’s arrival came as a surprise when the couple announced her birth on New Year’s Day in 2022 as they had not previously shared they were expecting.

The couple has maintained a naming pattern for their family as everyone in the Brown family has a moniker beginning with the letter K. One of Kane’s Nashville friends, whose name also starts with a K, joked about the naming pattern and throwing his own name into the hat. “Keep the KB initials and name him Keller Brown,” Keller Moore wrote in the comments. The “Heaven” singer quipped back, “how’d you know!” Whatever name they choose, we look forward to learning it.

Congratulations to Kane and Katelyn on the news of their baby boy!

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