Last November, YouTube creator Trisha Paytas revealed she was expecting her second baby with her husband Moses Hacmon. The couple is expecting their new arrival in May of this year. Now, they have shared the sex of their little one and Trisha already has the moniker picked out.

Trisha teased yesterday that the news would be revealed on her podcast Just Trish, who she co-hosts with entertainment news journalist Oscar Gracey. In the episode, which is posted on YouTube as well, Trisha sat in front of two balloons: one boy balloon and one girl balloon. Trisha cut into a cake as Oscar popped confetti, each revealing the color pink. It’s a girl! “I’m a girl mom, I think forever,” Trisha commented. Trisha and Moses welcomed their first baby, a daughter named Malibu Barbie, in September 2022.

The podcast reveal wasn’t the only type of announcement Trisha shared. She also posted pictures from a gender reveal party on her Instagram page, where Trisha and Malibu wore matching pink and blue poofy dresses. Moses donned a blue polo shirt for the event. The family stood in front of a large sign surrounded by balloons with the colors blue and pink and Malibu popped a small confetti popper to reveal pink confetti. In her most recent post, Trisha and Moses sat in front of a cake and used wine glasses to “cut” into it to reveal pink cake inside. For this post, Trisha gushed about adding another girl to her family. “Girl Mom 4ever it’s finally out ️ we are having another baby girl and we couldn’t be more excited thank you for all the love and support, I’ve waited my whole life to get to this chapter and I’m reading every page as slowly as possible to take it all in WHO RUN THE WORLD? GIRLS.”

As for her daughter’s name, Trisha revealed her name choice in November in a podcast episode. Regardless of whether her second baby was a boy or a girl, the little one would be named Elvis. “Elvis could be a masculine name,” she shared at the time, “but we’d also give it to a girl.” Trisha shared that she has always loved the names Mailbu and Elvis and knew these would be the names of her children. When sharing her daughter’s gender reveal on her podcast, she confirmed that the couple would name her Elvis.

Congratulations to Trisha and Moses on the news of their baby girl!

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