Professional snowboarders Jamie Anderson and Tyler Nicholson have taken on a new adventure: parenthood! The Olympic athletes have announced the arrival of their first child. “We are so in love and grateful for you.”

When the couple announced their pregnancy, they shared they had decided not to learn the sex of their child until they arrived. “It’s one of the last surprises in life that are pretty genuine.” The 25-time medalist and her partner welcomed a baby girl and chose to name her Misty Rose Nicholson.

Misty arrived into the world in historic weather conditions. “Born through the most mystical storm we’ve ever experienced & the largest snowfall Tahoe has scene in 70 years,” Jamie wrote in her post. The new dad reflected on the experience of welcoming his daughter writing, “Wow what an experience bringing a lil nugget into this world. Hats off to @jamieanderson & every mother out there, birth is such a beautiful thing.”

Jamie, who has been with Tyler since 2015, shared that she has always wanted to become a mother. “For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to have kids. You kind of think you can decide exactly when and where and this and that. In my case I feel like it was perfect timing … I’m really grateful. I think it’s going to be the best journey.” At the end of last month, the Olympian reflected on her pregnancy as she was in her 39th week. “Feeling really grounded and grateful. This has been the most expansive experience of my life, so far! Lots of love and intention has been put into our home birthing space. Getting very excited to meet little love!”

Congratulations to Jamie and Tyler on the arrival of their first child! We hope they enjoy their new role as parents to Misty.

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