Before the end of last year, comedian Whitney Cummings announced the birth of her first baby. At the time, the Good For You podcast host did not reveal the name she chose for her son, whose sex she revealed shortly after announcing her pregnancy. Now, a month after revealing her son’s birth, she has revealed his moniker.

Whitney shared a picture of herself with her newborn son lying on her chest with his face out of view, a choice she had made for every image with her son in an effort to protect his privacy. She then formally introduced him in the start of her caption and revealed his name, “Introducing new bubba Henry.” The 2 Broke Girls creator went on to quip about life with a new baby, “So far he’s the sweetest little piglet and interests include making sure his mom has no memory, delaying her podcast releases, and peeing in her mouth during diaper changes.”

Before welcoming Henry, Whitney joked about needing help finding names for her son. Most notably, she appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live discussing how difficult it is to pair a moniker with her last name. In the October interview, she shared, “So I was really, really stuck on the name Maximus. Then I remembered my last name is Cummings.” She went on to admit, “It’s a tough pairing, it’s a tough last name.” Another name she liked was Colt, “cause I’m a horse lady,” she explained. But, upon researching the name, the comedian learned it may not be the best option. “I found out that Colt Cummings is the biggest gay porn star on the planet.”

Going with a classic name such as Henry appeared to be the perfect choice for Henry Cummings. Congratulations again to Whitney on the arrival of her baby boy!

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