Soap opera actress Melissa Claire Egan, most notably known for portraying the role of Chelsea Lawson on Young and the Restless, is adding another member to her family. Melissa and her husband Matt Katrosar, a VP for Pluto TV, are expecting their second child together, due in August. “So grateful.”

Melissa’s second child is due in August, which happens to be the birth month of the couple’s first child. Melissa and Matt welcomed their son Caden Robert in August 2021. In her announcement post, the actress joked about the coincidence writing, “Looks like we’re just destined to have August babies! So grateful and excited to be adding another cub to our family of Leo baby boys😄🦁 Caden’s gonna be a big brother!”

After sharing her announcement post, the Holiday for Heroes star took to her Instagram Stories to thank her fans for their support. “I just wanted to pop on here and just thank you for the love and support for baby number 2 it means so much. Most of you on Instagram are strangers and the fact that you are so loving and so supportive truly, like, brings tears to my eyes. So thank you, we’re so excited. I know a lot of you know what we’ve been through to get here so thank you for all the love today.”

Following her message she shared some behind-the-scenes images of her announcement photo, which featured her son Caden. In true toddler form, Caden appeared less-than-thrilled with taking the images and the snaps offers a fun peak inside the life of being a toddler mom. Then, Melissa shared a funny story about her plan to announce. After being pregnant for 4 months, she had decided to announce her news this past Monday. However, after Rihanna announced her pregnancy at the Super Bowl the night before, Melissa’s plans changed. “Well I can’t follow that! Rihanna just announced her pregnancy suspended 60 feet in the air at the biggest event, the world’s greatest stage. So I gave it a few days.”

Congratulations to Melissa and Matt on the news of their second child! We wish them all the best as they prepare for their little one’s arrival.

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